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Alias To Reason
hoto_moka (0) hoko_mocha (0) Alternate spelling
aiwatan (116) ai-wa (140) Proper name for the artist
ot-nm (111) hebino_rai (29) Proper artist name
riko_(mahou_girls_precure!) (130) izayoi_riko (149) Character's full name has been revealed in a later episode
shiki_eiki (1520) shikieiki_yamaxanadu (3524) full name
yabusame_houren (0) yabusame_houlen (0) Official romanization, designed to connect to Len'en's title.
cave_story (60) doukutsu_monogatari (249) english title -> japanese title
gray_hair (646) grey_hair (36933) difference in spelling