04/25/13 07:18PM
Annoying Ads
Is there any getting control over the ads in Safebooru?

The ad run for this hyper link is just one example I've seen of ads bowing to voyeurism. The others either take you to and keep you there, take you off site to solicit an Android game called candy crush, promote lewd girls for a dating service, or promote some Asian model for mail order bride service. I'm getting tired of it. I don't block the ads, I know that a portion of the marketing gets paid to keep Safebooru running, but I Will start blocking if the old ads don't come back. The old ads were for good things like Home&Garden, Memory Self-improvement, learning new languages, Alzheimer research, etc.

I would even pose that Danbooru has better ads! At least those are for Jlist items and figurines instead of sultry services!
Is there any hope for the ads?
04/26/13 12:58AM
Ever since safebooru was kicked out googles ad program its been degrading, we might have an advertiser for comic related stuff in the near future.

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