05/31/13 04:54PM
Small outburst; carry on
Because commenting would only bump the bad content.

Oh Safebooru. Sweet Safebooru. Sometimes you give me a coniption. This morning I go to clean junk out and you're all wonky and won't load images, fault my cache, time me out...
And YOU, dear posts:1

I deleted some of you already just yesterday in the 'cleavage' tag! What are you doing back alive? No worries though, "I KEEEEEEEL YOOOOOU!" ...Later when Safebooru isn't so wonky...along with twenty more pages worth of your same content. How do you like that? Your deletion reflected over.. and over... and over in the deletion of other posts and content as yourself. "Sick and sadistic" you say? Well good morning.
06/02/13 12:01AM
Hehehehe Me Gusta -W-

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