10/09/13 04:51PM
A big thanks to the new flaggers
I see that lately, more and more people have come to make use of the "flag for deletion" option, and, well, I was wanting to thank them for this.

Please do continue helping us, the moderation team, by making good use of this tool. It is great for us to see we're not the only ones caring about Safebooru's safeness ; and we'll never be numerous enough to clean all of Safebooru's database. Hands are always needed ! o/

Thanks again, and happy browsing !
10/09/13 07:14PM
Iv been doing that I'm glad I can help
10/10/13 12:57AM
Reporting for duty and most important thing
lets get to work :D
10/10/13 01:03AM
Night_Wing said:
lets get to work :D

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