03/22/14 01:15PM
I noticed that when images get deleted for 'unsafe' content, they don't always get flagged as questionable or unsafe, and the thumbnail hangs around for a while - is there any way there can be a 'deleted' tag automatically added to deleted images, so we can blacklist it, or something functionally equivalent?

01/14/15 05:48AM
Personally I think the entire "Guro" should be removed. I would flag each one, but there's 5 pages of it and it's growing. Characters with their innards ripped out and strewn all over the place is hardly "safe" imo.
01/10/17 08:32PM
03/01/17 06:17AM
03/14/17 04:54AM
usegirl said:
Yeah, a few of my posts recently got deleted, some of which where for nudity or questionable content - but looking through the "nude" tag, I'm seeing numerous images that are just as revealing

Thank you for the alert. The posts at those web links have been deleted and the tagpool 'nude 1girl' is being moderated. The tagpool will take a few days, but the results should be at least 3/4ths coverage. Nudity is often not safe for work.
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