10/24/16 02:07PM
Ben, Charlotte, PrincessBLAIRITY, and Zero go for a stroll along some path that leads up into a hilly region.
02/18/17 06:54AM
*it is nighttime.I sit all alone gazing up at the stars on the beach.Letting the gentle waves hit my feet that pass and go back and forth*
"I knew...somehow...this wouldnt last forever."
06/29/17 04:35PM
i'll be a shooting star and be the light to others in the darkness
07/04/17 07:41AM
08/04/17 08:46PM
"Greetings. I am a ghost program, made to reply to incoming messages. My responses are limited. How may I help you?"
08/11/17 07:52PM
"Ah, it finally responded" ^^

"I was just curious how active your forums were, that's all."
08/20/17 06:46AM
"' The Forums' keep records of times and the expressions and likenesses of a people who had been active there in the past. Unfortunately, not all keepers of 'The Forum' were benevolent beings and one had destroyed records of time from years of activity.
As such 'The Forums' have more of an archival and tribute format in these times. This has been a brief history of 'The Forums'. Would you like to know more?"
08/20/17 07:50AM
"Yes, please."^^
10/10/17 10:15AM
You guts are still role-playing? Damn...
12/03/17 11:06PM
Hello stranger
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