11/19/16 07:21AM
Recent Major Site Developments
I will be trying to keep a kind of Public Service Announcement going here for those who want to see what is developing here on Safebooru.
11/19/16 07:54AM
November 2016 edition and Sidenotes on use
Sidenotes on use:
1. This is for short, one-way communications as in 'news' announcements.
2. Please do not post to this thread unless you are from the admin here, the post will likely be removed (As a help, click on individual names to send a private note for specific questions not answered in the 'news').

November Edition:
We have recently been unable to keep up with the changes in one of our major content suppliers (Danbooru.donmai). Due to the revolving system syncing issues, we have shut down to 'Danbot' and reengaged the system sync with fellow Danbooru-child, Gelbooru. This is what that means..
1. We will once again have a reliable feed of new content to Safebooru.
2. While we are excited to have content syncing from Gelbooru, We will once again have a more unreliable feed of Safe For Work content to Safebooru.
3. While we are excited to have content syncing from Gelbooru, the excess content beyond that of Danbooru may not be of the standards we hold on Safebooru(IE: pixel quality, screenshots, minor rule violations..)
4. We will be flexible and reasonable(common sense) with regard to some content rules, but will not put up with floods.

As a result, users of Safebooru will see an increase in both number of posts and number of deletions. Please understand that Danbooru and Konachan are the benchmark or guide for Safebooru content.
*Please keep reading* This is important..
FURTHERMORE, YOUR FAVORITE ANIMATED PICTURE MAY GET DELETED. This is just an example of moderation that we hope doesn't have to happen often, but it Will happen.
We are saving your eyes in the long-run.

Thank you for understanding!
11/26/16 02:48AM
Good work!
12/03/16 06:12PM
Wonderful news!

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