11/28/16 06:40PM
Two things.
1: More spam pools. Why are there so many spam pools?

2: There was an ad for a "free porn game" spotted on here. Should we change our ad providers? Raise site fundraisers? Change the site's name to "Safebooru with Unsafe Ads"?
11/29/16 02:07AM
1 more thing...
11/29/16 03:58AM
Mofumofunya, I saw the porn ad too. Sorry about that, I will let our admin know of the incident. We have changed ad carriers like we played musical chairs. It is unfortunate, but there are a very few number of ad carriers. Thanks for the report and we will definitely be watching for changes.

Wpgartist, thanks for the report on bad posts. Post-Gelbooru sync, we have 6000 pages (or 240,000posts) to go through and some of the work that we had done on tagpools has been negated because of returning posts, which had previously been deleted. So try to put up with the bad posts for a little while, they will be taken care of soon(hoping).
11/29/16 11:19PM
no worries. I totally understand the amount of work it takes to keep up a great site like this. I think you're all doing a fantastic job :) let me know if you ever need any help

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