11/21/17 11:31AM
What the Heck is Wrong with Safebooru?
Greetings all. I am AzureBlazer07, formerly Wing_Kaiser_X. I decided to create a new account because I forgot the password of my old account.

I have noticed that several images that we have here in SB are all but pixelated/ blurred images which were previously fine.
Compare: with
There is a difference in quality even if you are logged in.

Now what is going on here? I've updated my Adobe flash to the latest version already if in case you ask me to update my Adobe flash. Just asking because I really have been surprised by the quality drop in several images that suddenly came some time ago.

Thank you.
12/03/17 06:18PM
Both images are 100% identical and share the same MD5 Hash 073790DDAF79CBC5D9FB328ECA70F053

Whatever is happening is on your clients side and has nothing to do with flash.
12/30/17 05:56AM
12/21/17 05:05PM
I posted a Love Live! Image since yesterday, but, my Post is deleted [/s]
post was deleted. Reason: wrong thread, off topic
08/23/18 02:04PM
@Slayerduck: If there is nothing wrong with my flash, it is just that I am having some sort of pixelation problem when I upload or see some of the other people's uploads when they upload the same pic that came from the source. Like what's going on?

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