12/22/17 11:20PM
Doctor Who character tags - clean-up needed?
So I was uploading a set of portraits of all the companions from Doctor Who, and then browsed the Doctor Who tag to look at other images in the tag already...and it seems the character tags are a bit of a mess. So in this one image, I noticed the following forms of character tags...

Dorothea Chaplet, Elizabeth Shaw, Josephine Grant, and Melanie Bush are all named in full, despite being known respectively in the series as Dodo Chaplet, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, and Mel Bush.
Ace, Leela, Nyssa, Polly, Romana, and Vicki all have (doctor who) appended after their name (presumably because they canonically lack surnames...even though Polly has retroactively been canonically given a surname).
"Sarah Jane" is a tag as though that's her full name, but is actually only her first name (should be hyphenated? Not sure).
Rose Tyler, Susan Foreman, Victoria Waterfield and Zoe Heriot are all full names and are fine, but Tegan Jovanka is not showing as a character tag.
And all of this is just on this one image. I imagine there are various naming conventions across the other 87 Doctor Who images on the board.

Now, I'm happy to do a tidy-up of the character tags myself as there's only 88 pictures to go through manually, but would just like to clarify what naming convention to use and stick to?

Forename Surname (Doctor Who)

Would seem the best way to format them all, especially given that some characters (like eg. Leela or Nyssa) have no surnames. And would it be best to stick to their usual names as well, eg Liz instead of Elizabeth, Jo instead of Josephine?
12/30/17 05:42AM
Go for it. I don't think anyone will complain over a member making the tags more accurate.

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