02/19/11 04:31AM
Tag Clarification/Tag Wikis?
Being a user that came over from Danbooru, I've noticed that some of the tags here are used quite differently by some users than they are on Danbooru. Mostly, it seems to be because there doesn't seem to be a set of specific rules governing the use of such tags, which could lead to some confusion. (ex. the couple tag. Danbooru uses it only for heterosexual couples, but I've seen yaoi and yuri pairings under that same tage here.)

Is there any way to implement a tag wiki (or tag disambiguation/clarification thread on the forums, perhaps?) to clear up such problems to help make searching just a little easier and assign uniform definitions to tags?

Of course, this is meant more as a suggestion than a complaint.
02/19/11 11:45AM
Yes we can, i should have gotten this half a year ago but the updates on the software are extremely slow. I hope we can have this in the next couple of months.
02/20/11 01:21AM
That's great. When it's up, would we be using the same definitions Danbooru has, or writing/agreeing on our own? Either way, as long as the wiki creation isn't too complicated, I'd be happy to help write/bring over wiki definitions.
03/03/11 09:54PM
Seconding being able to help here.

Personally I'd be fine using the same definitions Danbooru's got, but if there were any major issues, it's fine if they're changed a little bit.

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