05/01/10 03:53PM
Hi there.

Can we have a working API like Gelbooru's? Or at least can the admin send me some database dumps in any form (xml is preferable but sql will do it too) so I can add the site to the imageboard crawler? It's at

Thanks in advance.
05/03/10 12:28PM
current version of the software safebooru is running does not have a API, it will have one in the future altough.
05/03/10 07:33PM
I see. Well, maybe you can send me a dump of some posts info (say, 100k or more)? The API does the same thing, however, massive overhead of your server can be avoided if I import posts directly from the dump, with the same effect.

My email is on the site's main page.
05/05/10 02:36PM
If you guide me on how to dump the post info i'm fine with it.
05/05/10 06:13PM
Ok, I'll send you an email soon.

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