09/21/12 05:14AM
Random moments where I can't flag for deletion
There are strange times where I can't flag images for deletion and it seems to happen at random. Sometimes, I'll come back later and it will let me flag it finally, others it still refuses to do so. Can someone explain why it does that?
09/21/12 06:47AM
Are you using mobile? It happens to me when I use mobile, and I can't delete images until I use a computer.
09/22/12 12:37AM
Yeah it's been happening to me too. There's a reason this site is called Safebooru people.
09/22/12 07:35AM
No,I don't use mobile. It just randomly doesn't work. And if what I saw in the comments is an indicator, apparently there are some images that /have/ been marked as deleted, but I can't see that they are (red outline or 'image deleted' message if not that).

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