03/13/13 04:47PM
Easter Eggs
Find something interesting hidden in the comments or tags? post it here!
03/13/13 04:48PM
Mods have a sense of humor
"This post was deleted. Reason: too big for me :c / MD5: 5fb35e93710ae52c36f5999932771aff"

It was a pic of Neliel Tu Oderschvank from the manga/anime called "Bleach." It was a questionable pic, but this reason was just as good, it made me smile.
03/14/13 04:10AM
Haha xD I thought this was going to be an easter egg hunt rp!:3
09/26/13 11:33PM
This post was deleted. Reason: ...... / MD5: a422da00f69adf75a5cf3e3c9a27e205

It's funny that at times you can almost sense a person was half peering over their desk out of being tired over seeing the post or multiple posts that day and just hit the delete button ...but then it needed a reason.... "Do I really have to give a reason?"

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