1girl 3boys ^_^ ^o^ alcohol animal animal_ears arm_garter arms_up bangs black_cat blazer bowl broccoli brown_hair buttons cabbage cake carrot carrot_cake cat chef chef_hat clam closed_eyes closed_mouth clothed_animal cocktail_pick collared_shirt commentary_request corset cravat cucumber cup cutting_board day dearrose dress_shirt drinking_glass eating eyelashes eyes_visible_through_hair fire fish flower food food_stand formal fox frilled_shirt frills from_behind from_side front-tie_top furry grass hair_between_eyes hair_over_shoulder happy hat head_wreath high_collar holding holding_food holding_knife holding_plate jacket jumping kabocha_squash knife ladle lion long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another mini_hat multiple_boys multiple_cats mushroom napkin necktie orange_eyes original outdoors pants parted_bangs pepper pizza plate puffy_sleeves rabbit_ears radish raised_eyebrows red_kuri_squash rhinoceros sandwich scenery shirt sitting slice_of_pizza smile spoon squash stool suit suspenders table toque_blanche tree vegetable walking wavy_hair white_flower white_shirt wine wine_glass wing_collar wooden_chair wooden_table

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Anonymous >> #16482
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If it weren't for the kemonomimi girl, i would have mistaken this picture for a Zootopia fanart.