1girl alkemanubis bangs bikini black_hair blue_eyes blunt_bangs bracelet bubble_blowing chewing_gum child english hair_ribbon highres jewelry long_hair navel original profile ribbon shadow solo standing sunglasses swimsuit twintails water_gun

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Title: "Bubble Gum Gun"
The background is a solid off-grey cyan to make the character pop out from the rest of the image. All the colors in this picture are bubble gum colors. Dark blue was used in the character's hair instead of black, to form the dark portions and a dark crimson in ambient light.
The character retains all of the characteristics of an assassin: poise; smoking(or in this case, blowing bubble gum); personal effects on the forearms; dark, seethy glasses(with cute heart shapes); and a communications device. Overall, this is an adorable irony ready for the warm fun of summer time!