6+girls adapted_costume aiming angel_wings animal_ears black_dress blonde_hair blooper blue_eyes bodysuit bowsette breathing_fire captain_falcon claws creatures_(company) crown donkey_kong donkey_kong_(series) dress f-zero fangs fire fox_ears fox_mccloud fox_tail game_freak ganondorf gen_1_pokemon genderswap gun handgun hat horns inkling john_su kid_icarus kirby kirby_(series) link looking_at_viewer mario_(series) metroid mini_crown multiple_girls necktie new_super_mario_bros._u_deluxe nintendo overall_skirt pikachu pit_(kid_icarus) plant pokemon princess_peach purple_dress ridley salute scarf serious sharp_teeth shield smile splatoon splattershot_(splatoon) star_fox super_crown super_mario_bros. sword tail teeth tentacle_hair the_legend_of_zelda tongue tongue_out transparent_background vines weapon wings yoshi

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And of course Kirby still looks like Kirby. Lol. XD