04/08/13 04:11AM
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Can't access 'Safebooru' or one of your other favorite sites? It's possible that they are also a baby of the 'Booru Project' or by a step-child extension, Danbooru baby.
It's times like those, when you're looking for your favorite anime content without success that you may wish you had bookmarked the 'Booru Blog' for information on the possible issue.
So why not? Bookmark this 'Booru Blog' so that should comet ISON make a 'u' turn and take out the sun, the powers that be forgot to tell you that 2013 planet killer cometA1("Siding Spring") is bringing Mars to Earth after March 1st this year, or the world decided that you didn't get to view awesome artwork in peace, you'll be well informed of the issues.

Go here now:

Thank you, this has been a PSA!

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