05/08/13 07:24PM
Your "Top 10" of all posts on this site :)
Hey :) I'm Danny. My favourite list is too big xD So, you can post in this topic links to your top10 favorite images. Let's go! :D I'm curious what are your favorite pictures ^^
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05/08/13 10:16PM
05/09/13 05:19AM
Why U oh Makin' Me Think?
I came to Safebooru from,, and Gelbooru.
I came to Safebooru for pose references and ideas and because previous places failed in one way or another. If you look through my favorites you'll see I never favor anything mundane. You'll find interesting scenery, perspectives, outfits, styles, action poses... And at that root: dynamics. I love dynamics!
But when I sit and start to narrow what dynamics I love most, I find something I didn't come here for. It's not the flashy 'god-step' of Yuroichi(Bleach), the pillow full of razors that us Taokaka's claws, the masterful lights of a metropolis, or the irony or rivalry in characters whose dynamics I love most...

It's the dynamics of family I love most... Everything else I like pales in comparison. Those dynamics bring all the adventure, all the laughs, all the somber moments, all the pain, and all the joys into one place that is interpersonal dynamics in a family.
Take care of what you love!
05/15/13 01:48PM
I'm not really sure that's really accurate, but there are all our pictures rated over 10. I find it kinda disturbing that about 40% of those were unsafe ; but I give up finding an answer. If some thumbnails leads to the main page, that's just because they were deleted from the database but not yet from the search engine.

05/21/13 04:57PM
I never let my favorites list get too large, I just don't see the point in having 2000 images I'm never going to look at again.. :/

Anyway, here are a few of mine:

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