05/17/13 04:12AM
Purge erected nipples tag
Shouldn't we purge most of the pictures under this tag? Most of these are just erected nipples with no underwear under.
05/17/13 07:41AM
that would be qiute a task.
05/17/13 02:36PM
It'll happen, I'm sure
No worries. Safebooru is currently purging so much crossover material that most of those will go bye-bye anyways. If that still doesn't happen, there can be a job made of it and it'll get done.

To boost your confidence, let me tell you that we've covered two hundred eighty three pages of 'cleavage' alone and going strong. We've got a lot of other tags we look into too. It'll get done.
05/17/13 11:11PM
Thanks for reporting this one though ; it'll be taken care of in the shorter delays.

By the way, I saw you flagged some of them for deletion yourself, Sylian ; that is a good way to help us if you want to. :)
05/18/13 04:04AM
Hehe I liek Nipples >X3
05/18/13 11:58PM
PrincessBLARITY said:
Hehe I liek Nipples >X3

You may be on the wrong site for that..
05/20/13 04:13PM
Oh blarity you silly silly girl :3
05/20/13 11:07PM
Still those pics are reported right?
05/20/13 11:22PM
Night_Wing said:
Still those pics are reported right?
im sure they are

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