05/17/13 06:17AM
Hi all, a friend of mine has posed a question to for which I have no answer. So I thought I'd ask it here. Does anyone know of a download link to the full Valforce game?
05/17/13 02:30PM
Try this
"Dec 18, 2010 - Uploaded by Thefre ThiefKnight
This game looks to be inspired by Virtual On. Controlling the thing on keyboard is a bit tricky due to some keys.."

I had Virtual-On for Sega Saturn. It was a most righteous, awesome mecha game! It used some movement concepts that weren't even around when James Bond: Golden Eye was still in stores. There was a Virtual-On 2, but it never really took off outside of Asia, so you'll have to recognize the movements and controls beforehand. I have played many virtual games and this one still ranks above modern war play...In My Opinion.
If you can't find Valforce, try Virtual-On 2... or 1.
05/19/13 06:14AM
@ GazapoDeMuerte
Thanks for that. I will pass it on. But he ended up finding this. I haven't had time to check it out myself yet.

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