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Angel Alita is Back in Action!
Battle Angel Akita: Last order is back in production! If you don't have the manganese series already, I highly recommend getting it! You won't regret it ...that is, unless you're not in to reading scifi-action-dramas in space with an amazingly detailed world...
I just saw the new volumes 16 and 17 in stock and after a few moments of debating reality that they really existed, and a muffled shriek, and odd looks across the bookstore, I promptly fished out my $25 and brought them home to roost on my night table. Yes, they are a meager $10.99, explanation to follow. This series and the previous series are amazing! Their author, Yukito Kishiro, is an amazingly creative author the likes of J.R. Tolken, C.S. Lewis, Jane Lindskold, George Lucas, and other giants. My gosh, the guy creates a complete, exhaustive, unique martial art of his own called unarmed space martial arts Panzer Kunst... How much more creative can one be? So the return is a shocker and also the low cost...while Kishiro-san's intentions are understandable.
_the skimpy_
This is what I understand. Back a few years ago, the author of Battle Angel Alita and Battle Angel Alita, Yukito Kishiro(winner of Japan writer's awards at age 11), was working out the end of the "Last Order" installment. Something happened in Japan that suddenly changed the dynamic of their treatment of the mentally ill. Kishiro -san's editors and publishers asked him to change a key character just as deadlines were hitting for Kishiro-san to get the last volumes published. This meant a complete revamp of the story, something Shikiro-san would be hard pressed to do and against his own will. Instead, Kishiroro-san quit and it was rumored that he said he would not visit the story. This was a few years ago. Most all of his work was bought up in the months to follow.
Flash forward in time to today's story. Yukito Kishiro has been back, but with a different publisher. His return means that all previous works just doubled in collector value. Some works currently selling for $35USD and upwards as used books on reputable internet businesses sites! The prices for the new books, however, is the lowest I've ever seen; lower than Bleach even lower than manga series called "Dears!" The reason for the low price may be to alert Kishiro fans of his return to Alita.
For me, I can't put into few words how happy I am Kishiri-san brought back Alita and kept the same story. I had written his publisher saying it was the biggest mistake of their dimming future to let Kishiro go and accept some political view on mental illness. I would never buy their products again!
Yes, there is an 'Omnibus' of two volumes coming that are compilations of the stories produced through the old publishers, now with a new publisher. Yes, this means that they may be rehashed like the old publisher wanted as these "Omnibi" contain some new content that wasn't published back then. This could also be a 'directors cut' where Kishiro-san has finally the freedom to publish the stories he didn't get to publish under the old publisher and editors?

---in any case, I hope you all will pick up this series from your local shoppe! It is great!!
06/02/13 01:12AM
Can you like post some Heaven's Lost property for me?Please N'Thank you! =3
06/02/13 06:24AM
PrincessBLARITY said:
Can you like post some Heaven's Lost property for me?Please N'Thank you! =3

This thread is about the manga series "Battle Angel Alita: Last Order." You must be suggesting that I go check out "Heaven's Lost Property".
Wikipedia says the following about the publisher "Monthly Shonen Ace": " There's a fair amount of Ecchi featured in the magazine, while only a few series are action orientated."

And about the author, a Google search result says "Anyone else wondering why Suu Minazuki only touches on the deep ... › ... › All Comics › S Series › Sora no Otoshimono‎
Aug 13, 2012 - 16 posts
Anyone else wondering why Suu Minazuki only touches on the ... makes the feeling of reader high, because exciting ecchi and and comedy ."
And about the "Heaven's Lost Porperty" series: Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property) ... their cover of the March issue of Monthly Shonen Ace is not safe for work.

I would need a very good reason from others why this is a good series to read! Most Ecchi are alike. 'Sora no Otoshimono is an ecchi. I don't like ecchi.

Compared to BAA:Last Order, Sora no Otoshimono doesn't seem to compete with the series.

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