09/27/13 04:23AM
Favorite Game Characters
Who are your favorite video game Characters?

Mine are usually the 'sweet girl' kind that deal out brutal direct attacks. If Alita from the manga "Gunm" had a game, she would be an all-time favorite of mine... But alas, she is not a game character (save for flash games). My favorite female phenomes are:
Hitomi from Dead or Alive
Nokaruru from Samurai Shodown series and Samurai Spirits
Talim of Soul Calibur
Mei Lin of Virtua Fighter
VR-14 Fei-Yen of Vurtual-On
09/27/13 01:13PM
Oh my my I have many to sum it down to my top ten faves from 1 to ten of characters I love have to be
1- sonic(sonic the hedgehog)
2- link(legend of Zelda)
3- sora(kingdom hearts 2)
4- meta knight(Kirby series)
5- Ike(fire emblem)
6- toon link(super smash bros brawl)
7- pit(kid Icarus uprising)
8- captain falcon(F-Zero)
9- luigi(luigis mansion dark moon)
10- falco(star fox)
09/27/13 06:07PM
Toon Link? But why? I thought Toon Link was as OverPowered as Westler of Resident evil.
09/27/13 06:58PM
I liked him in the wind waker
12/26/13 08:55PM
*gunfire* Devil May Cry!
1. John-117 (Master Chief)
2. Edward Buck
3. Dante (Original)
4. Vergil (Original)
5. Samus Aran
6. Mario
7. Luigi
8. Cortana
9. Arbitor
12/27/13 05:59AM
liiiiiink >w<
01/30/14 09:43AM
I like Milda is that her name?from mortal kombat :3

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