02/05/14 07:15AM
Those 3 wishes
If you only had three wishes,wat would hey be?

You can have multiple wishes however they must be 3 wishes Per reply.Have fun!=3
02/05/14 07:55AM
humble beginnings...
#1- Always have a safe place to go back to, all inclusive.
#2- **kept private. spoilsport**
#3- To know and do the 'one thing' that I'm best at.
02/07/14 09:29PM
I want to fly, be a mermaid, and be beautiful forever
02/08/14 02:50AM
The "*" are none of anyone's business. I'd love to know people's guesses on my three wishes though, as I doubt anyone could ever find out.

1. ***** ****** *** **** ** *****
2. **** ** ***** *** ****** ** ****** or *********** of some kind.
3. ****** *** *** * **** * *** ** and accomplish the above in under thirteen years.
04/01/14 08:21AM
3 wishes ehh. I've always told myself what i'd want if i only had one wish.. But heres 3, With #1 being the one wish.

#1, Immortality. Yup.

#2, Inability to feel pain (Immortality great, But if "Baccano!" told you anything its that pain along with immortality = bad mix.)

#3 Teleportation (Cause no one likes being trapped in a government facility. and just cause your immortal and don't feel no pain, Don't mean they cant capture you.) And since your immortal and feel no pain you wont have to worry if you accidentally teleport inside something or someone and your atoms getting messing up! :D
08/19/14 06:29PM
1. Immortality (yeah, reply of last post, but I can be immortal!)
2. "The King Of The World" - strongest, baddest and intouchablest man in on whole world
3. Every girl will be sexy as hell :)
08/20/14 10:44AM
I really only need one. To have an incredibly Hot looking female genie that worships me and wears only the finest of trashy lingerie at all times. Rest will come as I think of it. The world may never be the same and the GOP of the USA would cease to exist.
08/20/14 11:18AM
I what exactly happened to the other pages of this thread?


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