05/01/14 08:01AM
Gallery lag
What is going on? It's been three days and the same pic's have been on the first page of the gallery. literally no movement at all. I don't believe I have ever seen it so slow before.
05/02/14 02:05AM
It's the Danbooru upload bot. It's malfunctioning again. It happens every now and then. It's been happening a lot recently though, possibly due to Danbooru doing maintenance on its database.

I've been trying to figure out who runs the bot and how it works so we can at least know in advance when its going down and for how long. I still don't know much about it.

Until it starts working again, the only new posts that are on will be the ones users from this community will upload. If you look at our stats page, out of our top 10 uploaders, 98.3% of all of those posts come from other upload bots (Gelbooru, Nekobooru, Konachan, Moeimouto). And that's without factoring in danbooru's contribution of 315819 posts. That means that there's a very very small percentage of actual user uploaded content compared to bot uploaded content.

So, yeah.
05/02/14 07:52AM
Looks like I just may have to become an uploader here as well. I'll be gathering some soft core stuff this weekend. I am a top uploader on another site but I mosty stick to H-girls. Guess I'll have to check what the maximum per day is here.

EDIT: Nice, unlimited uploads. I have been dealing with a max. of ten per 24 hour period. I guess I'll have to change my habits though. I tend to lean toward the sexual side.Erect nipples and cameltoes usually don't come up as a warning sign for me.
05/02/14 10:00PM
Any contribution to our database would be greatly appreciated.

As for erect nipples, I'm usually pretty lenient on them as long as they don't distract or demand too much attention from the viewer. Of course, I look for other things too. If the image is too sexually suggestive, it's a no go. Please try to refrain from cameltoe pictures. They are difficult to deal with and moderate.

A good rule of thumb we throw around is to not upload anything that you wouldn't feel comfortable looking at around your parents and younger siblings. From then on the Admin and Mods decide what's worth keeping. The same goes for reporting posts you feel shouldn't be on the site.

Of course, this has its own share of problems, but the system isn't perfect and I don't think it was meant to be. But that's a another discussion entirely.
08/20/14 10:40AM
I think it best for now that I refrain from uploading. I do get the gist of the guide lines but sometimes I get the urges to, "push the edge of the envelope". That being said, I am already in semi-retirement on the other site and may just decide to give it a shot here.

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