10/27/14 04:42PM
10/27/14 06:28PM
I've deleted the applicable ones. Thanks for the help.If people know me, they know how picky I can be, so you can trust that i will take care of the problem if I can, if I have time, and in balance with moderation from the site's beginning. I myself, am very conservative, so I look at the past to temper that nature. This is true for the whole mod team, we are always busy if we are online; we are alwayys conscious of balance; we are always open to users to talk to.
But about the general rating here, it ranges fromm Everyone/ General Audience to Restricted audience... meaning somewhere beyond age 10. We rely heavily on peoples common sense. Common sense says that there is high risk of seeing something here that can not be unseen because all mannner of anime titles are uploaded here unless their general content is suited for hardened adults. That being said, I'll echo our motto "we do our best to keep this site clean so you can check your favorite anime pictures anywhere."

We rely heavily on common sense and self-moderation versus legalism or carelessness. Safebooru is a great balance.

IMO, if there is at least 3/4ths of the character covered, no visual clues to sexualization, then it is safe from deletion. Questionable ratings do not get deleted just because of their rating though. If there is too much to question and you wouldn't show your mother, it is highly likely to get deleted. Same for safe rated content. Explicit is right out!!
IMO, I would scold my family for finding and watching this place, but that's a subject for another time and/or elsewhere. IMO, I follow common sense rules and expect the same from others.
10/27/14 07:10PM
i understand and i certainly wouldnt want the kids to develop amorous ideas of these pics so early you know.

i want em to have fun on here and see things theyve never seen b4 in a good way.
10/27/14 11:57PM
Let us know if you find anything that shouldn't be here, we're here to assit
11/20/14 09:53AM
11/26/14 08:34AM
PrincessBLARITY said:
if it is suppose to be then how come we have stuff like this?

I believe it's advertised as a (SFW) Safe for Work site. Given the main sources of the pic's here and the tendency for the original uploaders to mis-tag them I don't think it would be safe to claim Safebooru to be Kid Safe.

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