10/28/10 01:53AM
Why do you visit Safebooru?
Hey guys!
I'm here at Safebooru bacause I think it's nice to be able to look around for pictures and not just to find ecchi and hentai scattered all over the place
(and not mistakenly find hentai pictures of characters you just dont want to see in that state, and get the urge to blow your brain out... "cough" I'm looking at you Gelbooru!).
Though I dont mind hentai in general, it's a nice change to have a +booru without that stuff.

Well, anyway!

Here's my question: Why do YOU come to Safebooru? Any perticular reason?
10/28/10 02:37PM
Yes, cuz its my site
10/29/10 08:57PM
Cause its awesome.
10/30/10 11:45AM
twistai said:
Cause its awesome.

I approve of this answer!
10/31/10 06:53PM
At first, I only used this site for images so I can use on Yugioh Card Maker, but now I'm visiting because both use on Yugioh Card Maker and randomly rendering them for Sigs and stuff.
I still haven't remembered to add some of the posts to my favorites though....
11/16/10 10:16AM
Like Funbun, I just wanted a good image board site that wasn't loaded with Hentai.
Plus, as a fledging artist this place is great place to get inspired and find refrences.
But Im somewhat disappointed in how there are lots of (well to me at least) irrelevant pics like; winged sparkly wolves, demotivationals, rehashed 4chan memes and american animation.

that aside, still a good a site thats always been like my danbooru away from danbooru.
11/20/10 11:00AM
As both an anime fan and someone recovering from a crippling pornography addiction, this site is a brilliant idea.

Sadly it isn't perfect, but nothing is.

I hope this site never goes away and only gets better.
11/21/10 06:10AM
slayerduck said:
twistai said:
Cause its awesome.

I approve of this answer!

Best answer approval ever.

Falx1984: I doubt this site goes away, its too damn awesome to go anywhere.
12/09/10 11:04AM
Yeah, I just wish people would stop uploading images they know for a fact aren't kosher and then raging when it get taken down.

Of course that will never happen, but it would be nice.
01/21/11 10:32AM
I'm very thankful for a place where I can find nice images without seeing pornography everywhere.

Thanks to those who make that possible.
01/31/11 09:51PM
Because I like to stalk Ducky :D
02/01/11 07:32AM
Exactly what Kyuusai said.
02/03/11 04:51PM
Who Need A Title, Anyway?
As several others mentioned, I came to this site to find a crisp, clean anime deposit box without all the rogue sexual deviance found on other character-defiling fapmagnet sites. The concept of 'workplace friendly' and 'safe to show to your family' drive me to compassionately support this site. This site relates to anime as 'art', instead of pornography.
02/25/11 03:51AM
Because doesn't have that ecchi and hentai stuff that fills similar sites.
07/07/11 02:43AM
It sets a good example for the people that I am around.
I'd rather not see all the hentai and ecchi stuff because I just don't find it cute or appealing. My life doesn't need to be filled with sex; Why should my booru be?
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