01/17/15 04:17AM
Question about posting....
I was just curious. I've been a long time browser of safebooru.org and personally have been grateful to see a website other than porn, but my question is: How are images that seem tame (2 girls cuddling) get deleted for "yuri" but 5 pages of Guro with anime characters having their insides ripped out and decapatation and all still manage to stay on this site...not to mention being labeled "safe" ??
01/17/15 06:21AM
Safebooru is moderated by a team of people, each person has their own idea of what should and shouldn't be deleted. The ToS says "Only upload SFW (Safe for work) images. No porn or total nudity is allowed." Yuri should never be deleted unless it violates this rule. The act of two girls cuddling in a non-sexualized way is accepted on this site. It sounds like the image you're referring to was wrongly deleted. If an image gets deleted that you feel should not have been removed, feel free to make a thread and mention the link to the image and say why you feel the image should not have been deleted. It would be cool to see a general thread where anyone browsing the forum can post their concerns about specific images that are unjustly removed.

Also, you mention gore. Again, it's up to the individual mods that see these images whether it gets removed or not. Imo, as long as the image doesn't contain excessive sexual content, gore should be allowed. Whether gore is SFW is debatable. Maybe another mod that sees this can give their opinion.
01/22/15 06:15AM
i just don't understand how gore, dismemberment, cannablism etc is considered "safe" but even a girl lying on a bed in a bikini is removed because it contained a little bump that's a nipple under the bikini. I get the fact this site doesn't want what sites like rule34 has, but the differences seem a little excessive.
01/22/15 09:33AM
With the way the ToS is phrased, I interpret that rule to mean no excessive nudity/sexual content. Nothing more. That means gruesome pictures, as long as they are not sexual, do not violate this rule.

You could PM appleseed or slayerduck for a clarification on this. I'm interested to hear the higher-ups' opinions.
01/22/15 08:39PM
thank you for your view on it. I apologize if I sounded upset, just trying to understand.
01/31/15 10:23PM
There is a difference between yuri and guro. Yuri is specifically tied to sensuality, which we stay away from here on Safebooru. Guro, like Yuri, can become a fetish; but dismemberment and macabre don't necessarily make the post a candidate for deletion.
Just because something is questionable doesn't necessarily mean it requires deletion. We look for things like tongues; saliva; other bodily fluids; excessive blood; centeral themes; and overall intentions. If two or more of those are checked, it is applicable for deletion.
02/11/15 12:43PM
SFW = Safe For Work, basically, the only pictures we should accept on Safebooru are pictures you wouldn't be ashamed being caught looking at by your coworkers in your office or friends at school, that's about it.
02/22/15 01:59AM
If you see anything related to NSFW stuff in here or questionable content feel free to use "flag for deletion" thing and we will handle the rest

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