02/26/15 05:53AM
Lowered Expectations
It's no secret that banned_artist(s) get deleted every day and what was a wonderful gallery of favorites eventually becomes a barren wasteland. The number of artists requesting there works be put under Do-Not-Post status grows slowly too. That leaves places ,that thrive on exchange of information and pretty things to look at, at a loss. The point of any image board is to keep the images flowing. There is a plethora of works out there, though perhaps not as quality as those banned_artist(s).

What do you keep in your favorites? What makes a quality image that you would gladly keep in your favorites?

Here's a couple things I like:
-dynamic poses
-suitable clothing fashions
-dynamic/brilliant colors
-extraordinary background themes
-slice of life moments

When there are fewer and fewer mangaka sharing their works with the world, do you think that you would resign to fanart of slightly lesser quality(camera capture, sketched, bad form with lots more heart)?
What's in your faves? Could your favorite anime series character, drawn in crayola, still perk your interests? What would you vote down?

Please share your thoughts about digital or traditional works, lighting, form, themes and such. and please avoid ratings, specific related content to ratings, politics, hyper fetishes, evisceration, and stuff that's already right out. Thanks!

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