03/11/15 07:32PM
Rocommended Viewing
There are a couple threads already dedicated to favorite lists, but none for simply listing a random anime series that you happen to see and insta-love.

Let's start with...
I just discovered this gem today after seeing this:

I was just curious about the show that looks a bit like 'Lucky Star'(a story of primary school grade girls and their social antics) , so I dug around a bit until finding video clips.
I haven't laughed so hard in a while. This animated series will have your sides splitting! I highly recommend it!
03/13/15 08:35PM
Patema Inverted
I just saw this anime "Patema Inverted." If you love mind benders like 'Martian Successor Nadesico', 'Ghost In A Shell,' 'Bakemonogatari,' 'Perfect Blue,' 'Stein's Gate,' and 'Paranoia Agent;' you will love 'Patema Inverted!'
The visuals and physical worlds are so well thought out that it pulls you in like a really good novel!
'Patema' is a wily adventurer in a post-apocalyptic age(whichever definition you choose). This movie will literally reorient your sight if you truly enjoy the movie!
I very highly recommend this OAV! You'll be "walking on cielings!"

03/17/15 08:12AM
Puella Magi Madoka Magica is pretty good series.
It's available for free on crunchyroll (JPN audio with EN subtitles) and it's on netflix (With both JPN and EN audio available).

Or if you prefer torrents, the sub group called Coalgirls has completed the series and all three movies.

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