01/03/11 07:13PM
utau =/= VOCALOID
Alright, guys. Getiin' tired of seeing things tagged 'vocaloid' when there isn't anything 'vocaloid' about it; I went on a 'vocaloid' tag deleting spree for three days straight for this.

So just so you'll know:
Teto Kasane is /not/ a VOCALOID. She was just a floating April Fool's joke until someone made her a voicebank in UTAU, a *freeware* software similar to VOCALOID, but records your own voice instead of a pre-recorded actor/singer. She has absolutely no right to have this tag, unless the image depicts her with official Vocaloids. This goes for Ruko, Ritsu, Sora, the Macne series etc.

Really, the only character tags I see that do have the right are leon_(vocaloid), lola_(vocaloid), miriam, meiko, kaito, sweet_ann, hatsune_miku, kagamine_rin, kagamine_len, prima, kamui_gakupo, megurine_luka, gumi, sonika, miki, miki_(vocaloid), hiyama_kiyoteru, kaai_yuki, big_al, tonio, lily_(vocaloid), vy1, gachapoid, nekomura_iroha and utatane_piko.

Respective Append tags count of course, but I'm on the fence on Haku and Neru. I left them since they are 'derivatives' of Vocaloids and are officially recognized by Crypton, but really I don't know much about them other than that.

TL;DR UTAUs should not be tagged with 'vocaloid' unless an actual Vocaloid is with them/referenced or else cuttlefish will nom you.
03/29/11 03:35PM
Why do you have 2 Miki tag there. The right one for vocaloid is the one with _(vocaloid), miki tag may come up with another character.
03/30/11 03:25AM
Whoops, that was a typo. The correct one is with the _(vocaloid).

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