03/10/16 11:53PM
testing out mobile layout
we're currently testing out our mobile layout, grab your phone and browse to safebooru. This is the first deployment so bugs may show up. this topic can be used as a feedback topic.

p.s current ads are shit and placeholder, will switch soon.
03/18/16 02:41PM
So far so good but with the issue that the remove thing on favorites is way too close to the next pictures below
04/10/16 11:47PM
I agree it looks good. The only thing I can point out is the tags for copyrights, characters and artists are not highlighted or colored like before, with all the tags bunched together this way its a bit difficult to tell which is which. It doesn't bother me but just pointing it out.
04/11/16 08:10AM
It's quite Spartan,
albeit I concur that the tags are seemingly thrown together in nondescript unison arising difficulty in discerning and differentiating between artists/characters and such, I do realize though this is ulitarian in its objective
04/11/16 08:22AM
Also regarding posts with translations, no pop up occurs/is present in light of being tagged as such
05/08/16 12:54PM
I would like to get the color for artists and charcters and sources back.
07/22/16 03:56PM
Could we get like a link or something to be able to return to desktop? I've just never liked mobile layouts, I consider them a bigger pain to navigate.
07/30/16 01:50AM
Go to options?
11/15/19 01:55PM
Is there a way to change from desktop back to mobile? I disabled mobile layout just to see if I'd like it better but I didn't and now I can't change it back for some reason.

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