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Fanfic thread
Gaza De La Fuente shut his laptop with a loud smack as the cheeto dust from within the keys in his laptop exploded out in a big orange cloud. "I'm tired of being bullied on the internet!!" he exclaimed, face red with anger. He fell back onto the stained mattress, resting his head on a pillow whose pillow case was discolored a dark yellow in blotches like his bare mattress. This situation wasn't going to get any better by crying, he realized, but internet bullies were too much for him to handle. No, he understood what he had to do. He needed to take control of his life. 'But how?' he wondered with a concerned look on his face, tears welling up in his eyes.

He went into deep thought. He thought. And he thought some more. He could go outside, enjoy nature, maybe go for a long walk to relieve some of this pent up angst and get a clear head; exercising would certainly be good for his beer gut and double chin which he noticed has been getting exponentially bigger these past couple months. "NO!" Gaza yelled at the top of his lungs. "I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!"

*Thunk thunk* A muffled knock was heard coming from the wall beside his bed, the same wall that his bedroom shared with his mother's bedroom. "Shut up!" yelled an old woman's voice, with a hacking, dry cough following soon after. Gaza's eyes looked around nervously. 'I need to be more careful controlling my ridiculous outbursts,' he thought, 'or else I'll get beaten with the rubber hose again.' Gaza shook his head, opened up his laptop with renewed vigor, and a mischievous smile crept onto his greasy face. "He he he... I may not be able to control how other people think... But I CAN control how they speak! I'll find some tiny, insignificant website, get into a position of power... And then I'll take over! They'll never see it coming. I'll strike down any who get in my way! MUAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

"That does it," said the woman's voice from the other side of the wall. Gaza heard a creaky door opening from the hall outside his room, heavy foot steps moving quickly towards his door, and then his door burst open, it nearly popping off of its hinges in the process. "Not the rubber hose! Nooooooo!" shrieked Gaza as his smug face turned into one of complete terror.

Part 2 coming soon! I have some homework then I'll post the next one. Feel free to give me any tips or corrections on this and make any comments you'd like! Thanks.

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