07/24/18 04:34PM
Why We Heart It doesn't allow Import Images from Safebooru?
I was tried to repost this image: http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2563518 on this web page, but, The Staff of this web page think our website has inappropriate content.

And The message says: "There was an error saving the image:
Sorry, images from safebooru.org can't be hearted anymore. Reason Nudity, Pornography, etc."

Oh, Come ON! They doesn't know how to see the difference of Safebooru or Danbooru. Danbooru contains Hentai images.

I do not want to get in trouble with you.....
07/30/18 01:57AM
Sadly since the bot slips some unwanted pictures to Safebooru we have to purge those pictures that have nudity or show way too much, therefore please understand that we want to keep this page as clean as possible :)

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