03/18/19 06:22AM
Anyone know how to create / edit images?
I was looking for someone who could make some images (simple images, nothing with adult content) specific, with some demands that I would ask in the creation of the images. I wanted to know if there is someone who knows how to create and who is willing to do it .. if yes comment!
03/18/19 04:08PM
Cheekbooru may be cheeky?
So you essentially are needing to do an art trade or free commission?
I would suggest checking out the forums at There are some artists there. You may also want to check on or .
The 'booru's don't normally have artists of their own(artists on image board sites are rare).
03/18/19 04:36PM
I was thinking about this idea but I do not understand much of it, I even started to create an amateur booru but complicated .. thank you for help anyway!

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