06/30/19 11:37PM
Favoriting tags
i was just wondering if anyone has a way of favoriting tags? i know the profile page has a place for it (mine says favorite tags: none). is there a way to do this?
10/04/19 04:26PM
If you want to have a list of tags that you can have on hand when TAGGING images, then go to
My Account ->
Options ->
Then type them in the box labeled "My tags"

But if you want to have a set of tags saved so you can look them up later, the same way you favorite images, sadly this doesn't exist. I'm not a mod or anything so you'd have to ask them about it if it's in the works.

I know that if I really like a tag or artist, I'll sometimes favorite an image or two with that tag or artist so that I can find it later. You could also save a list on .txt file on your computer if you like.

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