08/14/19 07:32PM
I have a problem with editing my blacklist
I use the blacklist feature a lot around here (thank you for making it!) but I've recently ran into a problem: They don't save. My memory's really bad, so I can't recall whether or not we had a save button in the past, but I can't seem to do anything to get them to stick.
08/18/19 01:17PM
Have you added spaces with the tags you don’t like to see?
08/23/19 03:31PM
Yeah, but it still doesn't save them. If I hit space and type one in should it save? The old tags I have blocked are still there and still work, but just typing one in doesn't save it.
08/23/19 04:24PM
I will contact SlayerDuck and fill him on the details ASAP regarding the issue.
08/23/19 08:06PM
Thank you!
09/21/19 03:29PM
Just wanted to let you know it works now! Thanks!
09/21/19 09:35PM
odd it wasnt working for me as well =X but im gald to hear it
05/25/20 11:12AM
I have a similar issue of my settings never saving.
05/28/20 12:57PM
I have the same issue, my settings are not saving

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