04/14/11 09:58AM
Note editing
How do I edit notes? Like, change the writing and deleting some.
04/14/11 10:11AM
Click on the note and then the white text box, there you can delete/modify the notes.

To add a new note click the add note on the left menu bar.
04/22/11 08:40PM
I transferred the translation from this to this but the note boxes themselves reset their size every time I refresh, it's kind of irritating. Problem, or am I derping and forgetting to hit a button or something
04/22/11 09:35PM
Holy cow that last image is a mess.

Okay what you do is you move and resize the note where you want it to be, then click on the text and then the save button. Then the note box will stay resized.

Thanks for translating :)

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