02/25/20 11:59PM
The search bar on the main page floats left recently, that a bug?
Like in the topic.
I get that both in desktop and mobile browser (firefox).
I'm pretty sure it wasn't like that before.

02/27/20 04:30AM
Web Element Justification Error
I'm currently running the latest version of Firefox 73.0.1 (64bit). I've tried the pages at 100, 110, 150, and 300 percent zoom. I have not gotten this kind of web element justification error though. I have gotten the error in the past though, so I know that it is an issue on some devices.
Suggestions: In mobile Firefox, grab and expand to zoom in and that may force an spacing resize (PC FF, use CTRL + Plus sign). ;
make sure that your version of Javascript for Firefox is up-to-date; and if the mobile device is giving this error try the 'request desktop version' from your options.
Try those to see if it'll work.
02/28/20 05:04PM
Also, verify that the latest version is installed from your mobile devices as well as from your PC
03/11/20 08:35PM
Yes it happened for me to, just had to update.

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