07/17/11 09:18PM
schools blocking safebooru?
i just though this was stupid.recently I've heard from a lot of people that their schools are blocking safebooru and the like. so i got worried and checked my school. As it was, Safebooru was blocked, not only for porn... but now for being "manga related" now im not going to say that school is a place to just mess around, but isn't that going a little far? i mean for one, the school does have a stock of manga's on the shelf, just not a very good selection. they've even blocked ALL site's related to manga. Thou now i do have to mention i typed in 'Teddy bears' on google search Strict setting, and still got Blocked for porn. so its not the porn part im worried about, I know that is not true. Is anyone else having this problem?
07/18/11 12:30AM
Our school blocks danbooru (not even for the sexual aspect, apparently it's a search engine and gets hit by that portion instead) but not safebooru, it's actually how I got started here because tagging images and doing basic maintenance is one of the things that got me through many a boring study hall. ;)
07/18/11 05:26PM
My school blocked a bunch of sites as well, but they really let up in the last year I was there (Though being the librarian assistant, I got to use the teachers' computers and didn't have to worry about blocked sites).
They blocked anything that couldn't help with school directly.
But the system that they used pulled out key words in the site name and description and used that to block things. They'd see what students were looking at, and if they didn't like it, they'd block it and other things related using words from that site.
If you've got the same system (the state here uses it) then they've probably blocked 'booru' under the impression that all sites are danbooru and gelbooru, or they've blocked image search or 'anime picture search engine' for both manga and the impression that they've gotten from sites like those.
08/07/11 04:36PM
About a year after I graduated I heard they unblocked all the sites. I'm sure Safebooru might've been among them.
09/24/11 04:04AM
ugghh my school blocked safebooru..-_-
even tho it has the word safe in it..my school blocking system is stupid...some anime sites are not blocked and they have more porn
10/28/14 06:20PM
My school does not block Safebooru. However, it blocks Walfas for "games". Walfas is a comicking tool, not a game. Granted, it is intended for Touhou doujins, but still. You cannot play Walfas. Also, IMFDB is blocked. Why? "Violence". Aside from showing the occasional image of gameplay for an FPS, there really is no violence on that site. Just guns. Lots of guns.

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