08/17/11 07:09AM
Making deletions
I tried to delete a post I made earlier, but it hasn't disappeared. Does it make a note for mods, or does it actually delete the picture? What about marking for deletion? If it's making a note, I guess I spammed quite a bit.
08/18/11 06:59AM
Its deleted now.
08/19/11 02:01AM
I'm curious as to what the answers to the questions are- if someone flags a picture for deletion, does it just get deleted or sent to admin/mod for approval or (haven't ever been able to read the flags so just wondering)
08/19/11 04:24AM
I think it's something like a notification sent to admins. I just can tell you the two things I know about that :
- A flagged picture (witch is really NSFW) is always deleted ;
- A moderator trainee like me can't see flagged posts (or I'm kinda blind).

But I think SlayerDuck will be more helpfull than me… Saying that I wonder why I still posting this…
Anyway, good night.

PS: I've just realized you were mod too… I'm truely the cluelessest man here… Next time I'll just keep quiet, my credibility will thank me.
08/19/11 06:42AM
Yeah there is a page only admins can see where i delete images, truly its kinda stupid as mods should be able to see it to imo. I'll check if i can somehow change it to work for mods to.
08/30/11 07:41PM
Is it really deleted? I still have a link to it in my favourites.
09/20/11 06:45PM
This picture isn't deleted at all. Why should it be ? :o)

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