12/18/11 07:27AM
Subjective and Unecessary Tags?
Lately, I've been seeing a very large number of tags that have little to no use, like "juggs", and, today, "boobiesandwich". It seems like they're mostly being tagged this way by anons, and it feels almost like tag vandalism.

I've also been wondering about subjective tags, like the "sexy" and "milf" tags I see on lots of images with the "juggs" tag, probably tagged by the same anon. Should tags like those be kept around, or deleted whenever we run across them, because one man/woman's "sexy" is another's blacklisted image?
12/18/11 09:05PM
Milf/boobiesandwich is not really a tag for safebooru, its best to delete the tag and/or report the image if its actually showing something.

Anything considered not SFW has to go.
12/19/11 05:41AM
Usually, they're just SFW images tagged like that unnecessarily, because an anon thinks it's funny. I'll delete those tags when I see them, then.

Should I and others delete the other tags, like "juggs", "busty", and "big_boobies" as well, since they're useless because they all have other, more commonly used equivalents like "large_breasts" and so on?

If you want those (and even subjective tags like "sexy") gone, I'd be happy to help untag them from images.
12/19/11 07:54AM
Yes please do delete suggestively NSFW tags from images, make sure the image itself is SFW altough.
12/20/11 01:34AM
I've started untagging things like "milf" (even found "slut" "whore" and "porn" tagged on safe images), since I've had some free time.

Also, I have a suggestion:

Because almost all of the tag vandalism I've seen (like the adding of tags like "milf" "juggs" "huge_boobies" and even "slut" and "whore") has been done by anonymous taggers, if it's at all possible, you might want to consider not allowing anons to edit the tags on images anymore. If that's possible, it would probably prevent most of the tag vandalism and, since only people with actual accounts would be able to edit tags, they'd be easy to ban, if necessary.

Just a suggestion, though. Maybe an announcement telling everyone that tags like that aren't allowed would help, if that's easier.
12/20/11 07:41AM
Aight, disabled anon editing.
12/29/11 04:22PM
I just removed the rape tag. What the hell is going on...
01/17/12 06:04AM
I don't know about the rape tag, but all of the other pointless and/or inappropriate tags seem to come from one obnoxious anon. It's the same one that's always on the comments page saying things like "requesting tags sexy lipstick boobs" and whatnot, ignoring the proper tags for such things. No matter how many times people explain things to him/her, he/she just keeps requesting the pointless tags.

There's no doubt in my mind that said anon is the originator of tags like "boobie_sandwich" "bosom_buddies" "big_boobies" and "titties". I've been trying to clean them out myself, but that anon has tagged so many images...

It's especially true for the "sexy" tag- do we even really need that tag? It's kind of pointless, since people can have radically different definitions of what's sexy and what isn't, and whether or not "sexy" things are safe (usually images tagged with it are) is up for debate.

Also, while I'm here, I've noticed a few tags that are...problematic. I don't know the exact copyright tags that go with her, but while deleting the milf tag, I ran across a (perfectly safe) character named Rose. The tag associated with her isn't a character tag, and she's lumped in with images of the flower. However, making it into a character tag changes the ones associated with the flower into the character kind as well. Perhaps a new tag is in order?
01/17/12 04:23PM
If it's the Street Fighter character, the tag is rose_(street_fighter). A lot of Street Fighter posts have apparently been tagged by this anon.
01/18/12 12:47AM
Yeah, I noticed. Street Fighter, Vampire/Darkstalkers, and many more. He seems to go after particularly busty characters, tagging them with things like "nipples" and "ass" when neither are visible, inventing tags like "big_titties" and adding "milf" (which I deleted).

For some reason, he insists on tagging lipstick when there is none, also. Because of him, the lipstick tag is going to need to be cleaned up someday (it's not the most pressing thing ever), since he's managed to tag quite a few without any visible.
01/18/12 04:12PM
Well, looks like I'll need to have a little chat with him >:3

EDIT: If someone is kind enough to link me to his profile cuz I can't find him :p
01/19/12 03:12AM
Sadly, there IS no profile, he's an anon. He'd tagged them before I brought it to slayerduck's attention and suggested taking away anons' tagging powers.

He can't retag our deletions anymore, but he still left a headache in his wake. That, and he's always floating around asking people to put on the bad tags for him, since he can't do it anymore.

He still needs a talking to, though, when he rears his irritating head.

If not for the further headache-inducing powers he'd gain, I almost wish he'd get an account, so he can be properly reprimanded/banned for tag vandalism.
01/24/12 08:20PM
Well, I just hope he's not actually going to sign up an account as you said to continue tagging, because even if we could ban him, he would probably continue vandalism for a few before we caught him. We have enough clean work to do for the moment :D

Still, if you want a better way to warn SlayerDuck quickly, you should join #booru channel on \o/
01/24/12 08:54PM
What do you guys think of the "epic" tag? Remove it?
01/25/12 01:42AM
Danbooru and Gelbooru still have it, though Danbooru's wiki cautions against overuse, so it can probably stay, unless the mods here want it gone.

What we really need is a wiki for our tags, because people seem to have wildly different ideas of what certain tags mean and/or mistakenly use certain tags. A wiki with concrete definitions would make everyone's lives easier, because there would be clear cut lines of "it is" and "it isn't" for most tags, so mistagging would be less common, so less cleanup would be required. More tags might even be added by diligent taggers, since it'd be easier to double check whether or not a tag applies to an image by reading the wiki.

If it's at all possible to implement a feature like that without too much hassle, it'd probably help everyone.
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