01/29/13 12:15AM
western art
Perhaps this is a serious issue or perhaps this is a rant, but I would like to see what users here think and agree on about Western Art being on Safebooru.
I personally feel that anything that is not made in an artistic style originating from the Oriental(Asian) culture should be considered Western Art.
What do you think about that?

I personally feel that Westernn art posts should be punished on the first offense(only conserning that day) with deletion of the content and a warning; The second day of offending posts should be punished with a week long ban of the offender folowed by a negative mark on their account; The third day of offensive posts should be punished by a purge of the offending account. I respect the hard work our Moderators do and Administration too and am glad not to be the one charged with such responsibility and contriversial tasks.. also because punishment would come on swift wings.
Would it help if some one made a wiki for the western art tags?
I personally enjoy seeing all the romantic pictures that have been coming through as of late and seeing Western Art, western games, or generally western interests being posted to this site (whose goal it is to be a safe place to view favorite anime pictures, no less) ruins my mood and makes me very unhappy.
Anyone else feel the same?
01/29/13 12:34AM
I'm not sure I ever felt something like that while being on safebooru… But, well, maybe I missed something.

Perhaps you could enrich your post with some wisely selected western art in order to clarify your point ?
01/29/13 11:20PM
Archie Comics posts are western art because the publisher Archie Comics is not managed nor originated from an Oriental(Asian) culture. Like this one:

This next post is even worse because not only is it not from a publisher that mimics old Osamu Tezuka styled funny animals (drawn in an inherently Oriental style), this post is a horrible representation of the side character "Lyco Wolf" from a comic series entitled "Sonic the Hedgehog(1993)"(Copyright. Archie Comics. 1992-2013). Found here:

Things like Archie Comics are obscure and often insufficiently credited by western artists, where there is much more respect from Asian cultures. Copyright and crediting are another reason that western art and western artists should not be found on the 'Booru's(who are Asian conscious).
*second link edited to correct target*
01/31/13 01:55AM
that's just goddamn dragonking. i hear ya bro
02/01/13 01:23AM
I agree that it is annoying to see one user violate the ToS and have none of his offending posts deleted or his account suspended for the repeated offenses.


I think it was right to bring this up, looking through dragonking's posts is disheartening.
02/03/13 03:50PM
So, if I get it right, you want us to delete those posts, not only because they are -let's say- not-so-beautiful ; but also because they're caricatures ? Or did I misunderstood you ?

EDIT: ok, after having had a look at reported posts, I think I got to understand what you meant. This problem has all my attention.

EDIT again : after two useless warnings, he's been pacified.
02/25/13 03:30AM
I feel sorry for all of you ,but I will upload wakfu, pokemon, and other anime shows and games! That is my plan for safebooru. No more non-anime artwork!!!!
03/15/13 07:20AM
Gray area again
I agree that this is an anime based(asian art) site and respect that. However, in the past years it's been a policy of companies such as Disney and Nick to employ asian artits to present a sudo-asian anime like series. I.E., Kim Possible and The WINX club. Both are well drawn and both have very attractive characters but fail in comparison to that which is truly anime.I for one feel this should remain an all asian oriented anime site.I have seen said characters drawn by know anime artist and they are not bad at all. this may a gray area for the mod's.
03/20/13 09:54PM
But...Why Does it all the art have to be all anime art only?Someone explain.
03/21/13 02:10AM
Again and again and again
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
"...If their name or kanji can be found on the image and it is in an Asian style, it seems fair to let it stay. Disney is, after all international too. Just to add that there is a Disneylandin Japan... They've been adopted. Nonetheless, can be flagged and looked into. :S"
and noted someone that "posting western fanart from asian artists using asian techniques is tolerated, but only just. Don't make it a habit." That is to say that there is a lot of western fanart and western character cosplay in Japan.... I'm not sure how much of it the servers could hold since my beloved Angel_Alita(Gunm) and Zoids_Chaotic_Century already seem like it's being bumped out and purged by the servers to make room for newer content.... it seems.

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