02/18/13 12:36AM
Racing Against a Danbooru Bot
Danbooru's bot for Safebooru has been offline for almost a week now. I've been trying to keep that kind of pace up for the past two days. Believe me, it can't be done without quitting life.... alone anyways.
So far, I've grabbed up most of the safe content from Danbooru 55 to 20 pages deep.. which is now page 25. I'm behind and they keep coming.
Can anyone take up the task of getting SFW posts from Danbooru pages 25 to page 1?
02/19/13 11:09AM
I'll give you a hand ; but let's hope they'll back their bot up as soon as possible.
02/27/13 10:56PM
It appears to be fixed, whatever happened. I wish I knew who to thank for fixing it! Keep up the good work you all!
05/23/13 04:32PM
This morning I don't know why I bothered to check elsewhere, but I did and other 'Boorus have 20 pages or less of newer content over Safebooru. Is the Danbooru bot dead again?

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