03/05/13 09:14AM
Twitter cards support
i wish safebooru supports Twitter cards.

03/20/13 10:14PM
Twitter?What in the world is a twitter?! O_o
03/21/13 02:39AM
PrincessBLARITY said:
Twitter?What in the world is a twitter?! O_o

Twitter is a message system a lot like Facebook used to be with a very limited character..uh..limit. The limit is also due to the fact that it is supposed to be used frequently and arbitrarily to tell others that you've just had the best Ramen bowl ever...separately, you visited the fridge...separately, you're sitting in a pink chair... and then you log on to Safebooru for awesomeness.

A 'Safebooru' twitter would be limited to special announcements from the admin and small talk since the content of images would be way too much. We have a something like this usage in the form of an Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. *See also IRC button-link in the sub-header(blue line at the top of the gallery page).

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