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Alias To Reason
kusanali_(genshin_impact) (140) nahida_(genshin_impact) (273) Same character.
neptune_(series) (5921) choujigen_game_neptune (2512) English <-> Japanese translation of the same series title.
saitou_naoki (247) naoki_saito (3) Naoki Saito is the official romanization used by the artist himself, such as his YouTube channel seen here:
rika_furude (20) furude_rika (2603) Same person.
satoko_houjo (11) houjou_satoko (1894) Same person.
miyo_takano (6) takano_miyo (333) Same person.
jirou_tomitake (2) tomitake_jirou (100) Same person.
maebara_keiichii (2) maebara_keiichi (933) Misspell.
rin_tohsaka (14) tohsaka_rin (6587) Same person.
shiki_tohno (1) tohno_shiki (285) Same person.
subaru_natsuki (1) natsuki_subaru (860) Same person.
ushiromiya_kinzo (80) ushiromiya_kinzou (127) Same person.
shirou_emiya (1) emiya_shirou (3707) Same person.
calcite_(arknights) (24) kreide_(arknights) (0) I'm pretty sure the character's actual name is Kreide. (That's what the wiki says, anyway.) I don't know where "Calcite" came from.