07/03/13 01:03PM
RSS for specific tags
is there a way to get RSS for a specific tag? cause I just want the latest images of a specific series
07/04/13 04:58AM
A bot works in a similar manner to an RSS client, here on Safebooru. Additionally, a bookmark in your preffered internet browser takes you directly to:

Note that the last part of the Uniform Resource Locator is " tags=all " ? So you could adjust that to say "tags=konpaku_youmu" and now you have a type of RSS going. The tag 'aggrigates' similarly tagged Youmu images into one place.
Stay with me.. I'm getting to the answer.
In theory, you could get it into an RSS client, if you don't like the 'booru image gallery format.
It is a 'feed aggregator. http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2001/01/24/rdf.html
The concepts of XML based RDF's is pretty alien to me though so this is as far as I've gone.

The problem with an Image Feed Aggregator is that it may put the specified feed into a film-strip view, but if you get an overflow...my brain is about to explode. iPhone has something of this same concept already, Android is working on a similar program... but both have specific websites that they read. http://www.rssparser.com/

I hope that gets you going in the right direction.

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