11/19/16 06:21AM
Recent Major Site Developments
I will be trying to keep a kind of Public Service Announcement going here for those who want to see what is developing here on Safebooru.
11/19/16 06:54AM
November 2016 edition and Sidenotes on use
Sidenotes on use:
1. This is for short, one-way communications as in 'news' announcements.
2. Please do not post to this thread unless you are from the admin here, the post will likely be removed (As a help, click on individual names to send a private note for specific questions not answered in the 'news').

November Edition:
We have recently been unable to keep up with the changes in one of our major content suppliers (Danbooru.donmai). Due to the revolving system syncing issues, we have shut down to 'Danbot' and reengaged the system sync with fellow Danbooru-child, Gelbooru. This is what that means..
1. We will once again have a reliable feed of new content to Safebooru.
2. While we are excited to have content syncing from Gelbooru, We will once again have a more unreliable feed of Safe For Work content to Safebooru.
3. While we are excited to have content syncing from Gelbooru, the excess content beyond that of Danbooru may not be of the standards we hold on Safebooru(IE: pixel quality, screenshots, minor rule violations..)
4. We will be flexible and reasonable(common sense) with regard to some content rules, but will not put up with floods.

As a result, users of Safebooru will see an increase in both number of posts and number of deletions. Please understand that Danbooru and Konachan are the benchmark or guide for Safebooru content.
*Please keep reading* This is important..
FURTHERMORE, YOUR FAVORITE ANIMATED PICTURE MAY GET DELETED. This is just an example of moderation that we hope doesn't have to happen often, but it Will happen.
We are saving your eyes in the long-run.

Thank you for understanding!
11/26/16 01:48AM
Good work!
12/03/16 05:12PM
Wonderful news!
11/17/18 08:05PM
November 2018 edition
Recently, I had received a note from one of our users about an issue with the Google Chrome browser telling them that Safebooru isn't secure. They wondered why.
I'd sent them a note that I'd like to share here, to let everyone know where Safebooru is on this issue and then let you all know what's been going on for the past couple months.

[u]Site Security[/u]
It's kinda funny how this happens to land on the same month that the first Safebooru site news had been posted on, on November of 2016.
But, Don't worry, the admin and moderators here are always on the lookout for possible problems in this site.

Issue #1: Misunderstandings from Public Researchers
Sometimes third party will rate legitimate sites pretty low limply because of misunderstandings about the site because they don't have any personal information or personal connections to the site. Web of Trust(WOT) is one such organization that is a type of censorship organization. They had, at one time, marked Safebooru as suspicious and Not Safe For Work, because they don't work here.

Issue #2: Google's Definitions
Here is a quote from the Chrome web security site: "What a security certificate is
When you go to a site that uses HTTPS (connection security), the website's server uses a certificate to prove the website's identity to browsers, like Chrome. Anyone can create a certificate claiming to be whatever website they want.
To help you stay on safe on the web, Chrome requires websites to use certificates from trusted organizations."
Note that it says "From trusted organizations." Who determines what organizations that Google trusted? This quote could be taken as Google saying that they don't support sites who don't support Google organizations.

Ussue #3: Old Software is Vulnerable
Because Safebooru servers and other 'booru servers don't update their software often, Google may flag the sight because of the site's risk of being hacked (hackers have time to crack security). The software and certificates that Google recognizes through Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Java and other brands require purchase.

In conclusion, there is a very small risk to personal information. Safebooru is safe to use even if others say that Safebooru isn't secure. As far as I am aware: administrative privileges are not at risk to hacking, so Safebooru will never become a phishing site; Personal information is not at much risk because the effort isn't worth the low amount of information gained(speaking as one who has dived into web statistics elsewhere).
Don't worry, the admin and moderators here are always on the lookout for possible problems in this site. Safebooru is safe to surf.

[u]Safebooru User Activity[/u]
aka Safebooru is Looking for Mods!
As you may or may not have noticed, some of the more active users, who had frequently visited Safebooru in the past, are not around anymore except on rare occasion. This is just natural for any site, the older users get caught up in real life and have to leave for one reason or another. I want to assure you that there are moderators who keep watch over Safebooru, even though they may not be active in the public areas. While the older users on Safebooru are less involved, we are always looking to recruit active users as moderators. I would like to point you to this other thread:
There is the thread to get information on becoming a moderator. If you frequent Safebooru, you might consider donating some of your time to help the admin and mods keep Safebooru safe? --Just a thought.

[u]Site Stability[/u]
So far, we haven't had a huge blow up(that I'm aware of) ,in a few months, on Safebooru's image updating services. That's a great sign! Now, hopefully, the trend will continue, but in the event that we do have a blow-up, (and for the sake of time) it is better to 'BUMP' the gallery problems thread from the forums, and send a note to anyone who has posted within this thread. The problem will then be worked on as quickly as possible, at the soonest availability. So just be patient after that, the mods here will appreciate patience.
Similarly, if there are images that need to be removed immediately like pornographic advertisements, let us know immediately. Those kinds of spam are a site security issue and we would want to know about it as soon as possible!

That's everything. Thank you for understanding!
02/15/24 03:16PM
Reviewing in comments is not allowed since it becomes too negative and nonconstructive critique which artists rightly do not want, comments are for positive comments.

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