11/30/16 08:46AM
Playing any good games?
Recently I have enjoyed a bunch of awesome games which I will post, you should post your favorite games of the moment, too!
7 Days to die
Dead Rising (it's finally on pc so there's literally 0 reason to own a 360)
Dragon's Dogma
The Forest
Rocket League
Sir, you are being hunted

Post your favorite games or let me know if you've played any of the games on my list and what you think of them and I was a mod on here but now I'm not I think there's a glitch in the server software that needs to be fixed also you could recommend similar games if you think I might like them :)
12/02/16 06:49PM
Toxikk is a fun game. It's an arena FPS. It's on steam and there is a free demo that allows you to play on a small selection of the maps in multiplayer.

Hawken is a F2P mech fighting game. it's old but still real neato.

Tactical walking simulator (Also known as Arma 3) is also fun if you have a lot of time on your hands. It's really "hardcore."
12/03/16 05:15PM
Taking down enemies from the sky, land and sea
recently i've been playin War Thunder on steam, its a free to play game and with lost of players and lots of action

but if you want to run like a prossional driver either in rally, or the so called gymkahna then Dirt 3 is for you. been having a blast playing these two honest :)

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