12/01/18 03:36AM
06/30/19 11:54PM
sorry for the late reply. this is above and beyond my favorite bikini girl:

I'm enamored with bikini girls with guns, but that one's easily my favorite.
04/15/21 06:15AM
This one

Rika Furude is basically the cutest thing in the world to me.

This one is real good too, I do love blondes with small chests.
04/29/21 01:35PM
And how about this?

I just wanted Edelgard from Fire Emblem Three Houses wearing in her red bikini
09/21/21 07:03AM
Oh yeah that's banging bacon right there
bacon tosters
06/30/23 10:11PM
bacon tosters

jesus fucking christ that's a long name bud.
defo longer than everyone's dingly ding dong for sure
09/21/23 03:35PM
It's hard to say if it counts. But man does she show it off well!
Not sure if it counts, but She can technically use it as a bikini....
She isn't known for wearing bikinis, but I had to include her
Just wanted this one in here
12/24/23 04:20PM
02/12/24 10:22AM
Here are all pics of my favorite character ever wearing a swimsuit:

(sorted by personal preference)

Sophie has been my favorite character by far since her first game was released, and that is definitely not going to change.

I simply love everything about her, including her design, personality, abilities and fanbase.

I hope you guys can find her adorable as well!

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